Diagnosis Management Software

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Running a hospital manually is not an easy task. If you own one such institution then you must be well aware of the shortcomings that come during the management of hospitals. Managing a hospital manually is never enough. Even if you are bestowed with the best employees there is always a requirement of something refined and quick to handle the daily formalities of the authority. Modernization of hospitals and healthcare sectors has given space to technology to spread its wings. With the changing work culture everywhere, the introduction of software in every institution is becoming important. Therefore, Hospital Management Software is the key to attain a lot in the arena of healthcare.

Fillip Technologies is one of the best companies in India offering you a product according to your budget. Hospital Management Software is a core team member of a hospital authority and our experts help you to strengthen this core team member for a hassle-free administration.

Replacing your outdated systems to the modern ones can be an expensive affair; however, if applied correctly, it will ensure you an efficient, fast and high-quality care for patients and many other benefits.

Fillip Technologies is there to assist and support you on every step towards the development of high-quality software. You need to cooperate with our experts by describing the needs of your staff and patients; management board and based on your description, we combine those needs with the requirement of the management system.

Fillip Technologies also provide you with the facility of a customised solution that could be created on the basis of specific needs of a healthcare institution. Some of the crucial features required in Hospital management Software are explained below:

1. An automatic call processing system

2. Displays the visiting hours for each doctor on the webpage of the hospital

3. Enable online appointment to the patients

4. It acts as a reminder by sending email, text, voice or pushes notifications to the patients regarding their appointment timings.

With the help of this software, hospitals provide infrastructure to their staff that collects patient information in one database as that enables them to check disease history and test results in an efficient and faster manner. This system is also valuable for doctors, as it makes analysis and decision making faster, accurate and efficient, at the same time it provides the much-needed time-table flexible as well.

A database template is also helpful for the nurses and doctors, as they are provided with medical protocols of patients and they can also do corrections of the data in patient cards.

Hospital Management Software is also crucial from the point of handling the hospital administration as the ROI of these systems gets better with shortening of appointment times and increased quality of service. This software acts as a support for the administrative staff to analyze doctor schedules and calculate the hours of work put in.

Hospital Management Software works better when utilised in peak hours. It reduces the time spent on the maintenance of equipment and eliminates potential loss associated with it. Besides that, it ensures the marketing department to track the efficiency of their campaigns.

While creating efficient hospital software, it is vital to consider the interests of potential users, who are divided into two groups:

  • Hospital staff
  • Hospital authorities

Some of the important modules of Hospital Management System are discussed below:

Patient Registration: Vital information of the patient is mentioned in this module to maintain the records of the patient, which marks the outset of demographic capture.

1. This section consists of a Unique Patient ID (UID) to track the visits.

2. It supports patient's telephonic appointments, walk-ins and emergency needs

3. Verifies patients' benefits eligibility automatically with the use of secured electronic data interchange.

4.It maintains the record of patient's personal details, such as name, contact information, birth date, address, etc

Appointment & Scheduling: This module manages the appointment schedules of patients with the doctors, laboratory & radiology service.

1. This module is used to send updates and alerts to the patients via text messages and emails.

2. Staff & Patients can check appointments status here.

3. It maintains both online & offline appointment availability.

4. Effective & Quick Patient Scheduling.

In-patient Management: In-patient management module manages details consist of the patient admitted in the hospital. The details include demographics, surgeon, consultant, room, date of admission, diet, etc. along with advance payment made are mentioned in this software.

  • Patient can fill the formalities in the forms in English or in regional language.
  • Maintains record & generates various documents such as consent forms for electronic signature.
  • This module generates a unique admission number for every patient
  • Capable to manage admissions, transfers, and discharge summary.
  • Module ensures that the correct discharge process is followed.

Outpatient Management: Outpatient Management module deals with the information of the patients who are not admitted to the hospital but visit frequently.

  • Generates the reports easily on the daily, monthly, yearly basis.
  • It allows for hassle-free billing & collection.
  • This module generates a unique admission number for every patient
  • Sends alerts to patients regarding next vaccine dose, payment, or other purposes via SMS.
  • Manage payment dues, advance payment and invoice

Laboratory Management: As the name describes everything, Laboratory Management module is used to the pathology laboratory in recording and disseminating the info related to performed tests.

  • Contains wide-ranging workflow modules.
  • Lab equipment is integrated with the EHR Software & Hospital Management System.
  • Efficient at managing exam reports, medical test info, lab department activities and commercial records of patients.
  • Sends alerts via email/SMS to patients for the test reports.
  • Makes lab reports available via patient portal thus facilitate the complete paperless solution.
  • Final reports can be viewed by the ward on the app.
  • Billing is generated through this module for both in-patients & out-patients.

Mentioned above are some of the common modules that are available in each software generated for a hospital. Fillip Technologies offer services that are unmatchable to any other company in Patna but in India.

If you are looking for a suitable Hospital Management Software for your hospital then Fillip Technologies is the ideal organization for you. Fillip Technologies is one of the best IT companies in India offering services in a pocket-friendly environment.