Library Management Software

When it comes to manage a library, it can be so challenging because you have to keep record of all books issued and arrange them properly in a library. To perform these entire tasks manually is very time consuming. With the help of library management software, you can easily automate these library works and improve the productivity.

Library Management System helps the library to manage the whole system of a library. It manages the documents, inventory ad loans of library. Fillip Technologies provides you the best library management system in India.

We have designed one of the finest library systems that manage your library system in a more efficient way. It is not only help to keep the track of book issued but also automate all work of library.

Library Management Software helps to keep track of member profile and subscriptions and can be used by educational institution’s private or public libraries.

Library sponsors use Library automation software to find loan documents while library staffs operate the cataloging, acquisition and inventory of documents. The online software usually interacts with digital information and allows access to electronic resources.

Advantages of Library Automation Software

The Library Automation Software supports its services and system by using latest technologies. It is the method of converting library process from manual to an integrated library system.

The main purpose of Library management Software system is to liberate librarians and provides opportunity to make more meaningful contributions to the spreading of information and knowledge.

The automation of Library science is the development of system and processes that reduce maximum time require to manage the library.

Some of the advantages of library management software are given below:

  • Improved Customer service: Library Automation software helps librarians to take some of the workload in the section of cataloging, circulation and acquisition which let them to better assists their sponsors. It is used to operate more programs in the library and help the staffs to answer reference question. Library Automation software helps people to find accurate information and some difficult research about specific things.
  • Collections: Library management system software gives you assurity for the improvement of amount, variety and quality of materials that are available in the library collections. It can also help to eliminate outdated and irrelevant materials from the collections which definitely help in retaining the library’s collection more updated.
  • Easier access: The operation of library materials not only makes easier to find important books but also make easier to transfer useful materials from location to location.
  • Cataloging Improvements: Machine Readable Cataloging is a specific standard that allows for listings of library items. Furthermore it helps to make affordable and easier to share books from location to location. As it also helps the librarian to dedicate more time to acknowledging the customer with useful material.

Key feature of our Library Management System Software

  • Library Automation: OPAC is an online public access catalog system that is used for searching online library data. It makes enables resource sharing program thus it is definitely an advanced system for library operation.
  • Barcode System: Fillip Technologies’ library management software is mainly based on a bar code system to manage all material easily. In this kind of system, particular codes are assigned to all the books in the library automation software.
  • RFID System: RFID is specific type’s radio frequency that uses electromagnetic fields to detect and identify tags attached to an object automatically. In our Library Automation Software, RFID are mostly used for the identification of a particular book by using radio communication between reader and tags. It helps the librarian to manage all the books.
  • Digital Library System: Our online software offers the best library management software in India. Admittedly it stores all the information on the web in a systematic and well organized manner to obtain effective results.

Library Automation Software Modules

  • Cataloguing and Acquisition: The cataloguing and acquisition features of library automation software helps the librarian to buy and select books, journals and other resources. It creates a database for easy book search.
  • Serial Control: This module of our library automation software enables the library workers to handle operation such as renewals of books, subscription of items and generate accurate MIS reports.
  • Circulation Modules: The circulation modules helps the librarian to manage borrower types along with keeping a tab on their book issue date, return date, dues and fines.
  • MIS Report: Management Information System Reports allow the librarians to obtain crucial information and data of all library transaction in a very short time. Accurate MIS report leads to better decision making.
  • OPAC: Online Public Access Catalogue is a specific type of catalogue that allow the users to easily search for journal, books or other particular material by entering keywords like the name of the book, its title, author’s name , etc.
  • M- OPAC: Mobile Public Access Catalogue is a mobile based app that allows the user to search for any specific book by entering keywords like author’s name, title, etc.

Why to use our Library management system software?

Most of the successful librarian goes with library management software to manage inventory and maintain good relation with their member in India.

Fillip Technologies offers the web based library management system to reserve most precious documents. Library Automation Software helps the library owner to view the overall availability of books and check online stock status online that is provided by the best library management software in India.

Library Management System helps libraries with hundred percent accuracy and maintains the details of incoming and outgoing books.

Hence, it helps to increase library engagement by providing readers with 24x7 accesses to library resources from anywhere. We offer you best quality of software in the market at a very affordable rate that manages your library in a more efficient way. It helps you to make your life easier by managing your whole library’s work.