School Management Software

The process of maintaining the administration, financial activities, and complete database of each and every student is a bit tedious. To make it more efficient Fillip Technologies offers you one of the best school management software which helps you to streamline and digitalize the administration work and maintain academic history. Any institution preferably chooses this school management system software to maintain all the administrative work seamlessly with more accuracy in less time than before.

Fillip Technologies designed the software to manage routine work of students like daily attendance, fee management, time table management, manage academic record, student assessments and so on. Our software provide some dynamic modules to streamline the work of any institution indisputably. Our software provides you an interactive dashboard which shows the most valuable information in a convenient way so that anybody can understand.

Features of School Management software provided by Fillip Technologies:

  • Student Information: The software keeps all the information of student including their attendance, report cards, Parents information, health records, anddisciplinary aspects to track the student throughout their academic session.

  • Parent Access: The school management software has a parent portal so that they can be a part of all the activities of school and aware of the academic progress of the student. We develop this particular section to get easily connected to the parents and give all the information on a single platform.

  • Teacher’s Information: It allows the administration to maintain the punctuality of the teacher and also show the teacher’s class schedule, their subjects, and daily report of their work in classes and sent directly to the principal and the parents according to their students. It allows filling the classroom forms and documents quickly and updating the information of the classroom regularly.

  • FeeTracking and Online Payment: It is known for all that fee management is the most time consuming aspect to manage the track of payment, preparing bill which includes various segments. Our school management software may simplify the process for everyone including vendors, school and parents. The system allows the school to take card payment as well so that parents can submit fee from anywhere and at any time. This feature automates the process maintenance of all the financial transaction.

  • Artificial Intelligence Integration: To manage the fleet of school buses the school management software allows the facility of artificial intelligence as it is becoming the key feature of management software. This allows the school to manage the bus services to track the bus routing system and location throughout the day that and makes the process easier than before.

  • Online Virtual room: We support E- Learning for that we added live class feature for those student who are unable to attend school can take classes online at the same of the class by putting the required data and joins the class from anywhere.

  • Lesson Planning: Studying or teaching too much can be hectic for all. The software classifies and manages the lesson day by day which makes the student and the teacher convenient to study.

  • Mobile App: The school management software offered by Fillip Technologies has also the facility of mobile application and it is quite easy to access. It is mainly for the parents to check their students daily progress report as it is mentioned by all the teachers after every class and have a feedback segment to leave any comment or ask any question from them.

Dynamic Module of school management software

  • Student Management
  • Attendance Management
  • ID card Management
  • Employee Management
  • Fee Management
  • Course Management
  • Exam Management
  • Projection Report
  • Promotion And Transfer
  • Parents communication
  • Group SMS System
  • Procurement Management
  • Correspondence management
  • Promotion And Transfer
  • Mass E-Mail
  • Store Management
  • Hostel Management
  • Personal Management
  • Pay roll Management
  • Multilingual Interface

Why Fillip Technology school management software

Running an institution efficiently is not monotonous anymore. Fillip Technologies School Management software is a vigorous system that leads to a paperless work. We upgraded our software with the facility of cloud computing with the latest technologies like machine learning and data analysis, that makes it most trusted and preferable school management software in India.

Our meticulous team always here to resolve all the queries and quickly find out the best of solutions. We provide impeccable services that make us one of the best school management software in India. We provide specified portals such as management portal, principal portal, Parent’s portal and teacher portal.

  • Management Portal: The management portal allows the principal or anyone from the management of the school to quick access the details of the students including student’s information, attendance, fees, library transaction and parent’s login history in the form of graphical representation. It eliminates the unnecessary paper work and modernized the administrative tasks
  • Principal portal: Principal of any school have the responsibility of almost everything to make their work easier and less time consuming Fillip Technologies has offered one of the best school management software. Principal portal makes his work easier so they can inspect the overview of overall activities of school and can instantly get connected to the parents, teachers and the school management. This portal gives the principal to publish any notice and send it in bulk to the student, parents and the teachers.
  • Parent Portal: Parents always want to interact with the teachers for their queries regarding their student. To make it more convenient our software offers the special portal for the parents. It delegates the parents to monitor the activity of their child every day. Every parent have specialized user id to login and monitor the student attendance, assignment status, disciplinary remarks, fee management, parent diary and examination and results of their child. Parents can easily communicate with the teachers whenever they want.
  • Teacher Portal: To manage daily tasks and to monitor the progress of each and every student on daily basis teacher portal is one of the most significant. As the teacher has to manage different classes and their work and have to send the progress report to the parents the software help them to do in a certain way. It also helps the teacher to mark attendance, maintain mark sheet and enter test wise score. It also allows the teacher to send SMS in a bulk to the parent and can easily arrange PTM whenever they want.

School management software provided by Fillip Technologies brings the advance technology to improve the productivity of administration. Instead on trusting solely on the judgments of teachers educational institutions can switch to the software.