Web Hosting

Looking for a reliable web hosting company in India, you are at the right place. We offer a quality rich security oriented web hosting services at a very affordable price. You get a complete web hosting solution for all type of business with full functionality including fast speed, reliability and sound customer service which makes us one of the best web hosting providers in India.

Our hosting capacity can be leveraged by the customers at a very reasonable price making us the most affordable hosting services in India. Customized solution to every internet infrastructure and necessities of hosting in a cost effective way is our forte.

When it comes to secured web hosting, Fillip Technologies is popular choice being the best OS for Web servers. What makes us the best web hosting providers in India is the reliable, constant and efficient system we provide perfectly suitable for the demanding atmosphere of the web.

Types of web hosting services in India offered by Fillip Technologies

Web hosting is of different types and can be categorized through various shapes and sizes. There are various types of web hosting suitable for a variety of webmasters. The categorical breakdown of web hosting is stated below:

  • Shared Hosting: Shared web hosting in India is the cheapest and most basic form of web hosting in India. It is the most cost effective web hosting service in India when it comes to the hardware uses. In simple words shared hosting means a multiple number of websites are hosted on a single server. Every user is given a specific amount of space and resources so the advantage is that you pay for exactly your requirements.
  • VPS Hosting: VPS Hosting in broader term called virtual private server is also like a shared hosting setup with a more powerful hardware as compared to shared hosting. Even here the multiple websites are stored in the same physical hardware still each gets virtualized software which allows them to function individually through dedicated mini-servers. Fillip Technologies is the best VPS hosting service provider in India which provide solution to every need of a developing enterprise.

Key features of our web hosting services:

  • Strong multi-processor servers which completely eliminates the risk of hard disk failure
  • Adequate bandwidth and enough space for your website
  • Completely eradicates data loss and down time
  • Complete administrative rights through control panel
  • Powerful Fillip Technologies operating system
  • SSH Access
  • SSL, Stats, FTP
  • Unlimited hosting space and site Bandwidth
  • Hosts limitless domains
  • Indefinite pop/Imap email accounts
  • Regular data backup on the hardware storage media
  • CGI, PHP, MYSQL, Perl, Ruby
  • Best customer support

Our website hosting services is the most cost effective option which lets you start with the web by allowing numerous websites to exist on a single server with a high speed internet competence. Your website deserves the best and should be hosted on servers with dependable performance history and capable tools in administration. Even our basic hosting gives you enough opportunity to develop a site with adequate traffic in a very cost effective manner. The administration of the website is very user friendly and configuring almost everything regarding your website is very convenient which makes us the best hosting providers in India

Easy to use Control Panel

Easy to use

Our control panel is extremely user-friendly and can be very easily mastered with little experience.


A very wide range of tools are present to satisfy every website developer’s requirements and the technologically advanced users.

WordPress Optimization

Faster speed, improved SEO, high consumer conversion rate all under Fillip Technologies. We offer you a customized WP optimization and cache with LiteSpeed makes us one of the best website hosting company in India.

We offer you a wide range of web hosting services whether you are looking for a dedicated, shared, or virtual service hosting service in India, we are the post reliable, fast and secured web hosting company in India. Our hosting packages are described in brief to give a preview.

Linux Hosting

Linux hosting is the most widely accepted operating system for the web servers. It is based on the development language or on the particular database you use with your website. It is best suited option if you are planning to use PHP, Python, CGL scripting or Perl.

Wordpress Hosting

If you are looking for an extremely secured and a fast website hosting service then WordPress hosting is perfect for you. Fillip Technologies offers vast range of features infused which is very efficiently managed by wordpress hosting. This has proven to be faster twice in speed, extremely secured and affordable hosting services in India.

Window Hosting

Microsoft windows web hosting on powerful servers is offered by Fillip Technologies at various affordable packages. We offer our entire windows website hosting free MS access DSN.

E Commerce Hosting

Fillip Technologies host offers every single solution related to Ecommerce website whether it is small or big business. We are well known to provide secure and reliable hosting services in India that efficiently coordinates with the most popular shopping software.

Domain Registration

If you own your own domain, get it registered in all over India and gain full control of your domain name.

Why Fillip Technologies is the best hosting company in India?

Fillip Technologies web hosting solutions are engineered completely according to your specific needs. Our experience has been validated by many companies that we have held access hosting solution at huge margins. We have been consistently ensured our exceptional performance and world class support which has eminently raised our company’s standards, making us the best hosting company in India.

Your website is obviously very important to your business and it should definitely be hosted on strong servers with administrative tools that enhance your whole experience, that’s what Fillip Technologies has to offer and more. We not only provide high quality hosting experience at a very cost effective price but are also armed with knowledgeable and skilled technical support team in your assistance.