Website Redesign Services

Redesigning your website comes with lots of advantages for your company or business. Thus, if you believe that your website is difficult to navigate and find information on, that your competitors' websites are more accessible and up to date, or that you are not receiving enough visitors due to poor SEO, it is time to update your website.Fillip Technologies not only creates websites from the base, but also offers website redesign services to those who are looking to refresh their existing pages.

We take the time to know about your company's priorities and objectives before recommending the right website design solution for you. For example, if your website is losing traffic because it is loading too slowly, you may need a new design. Our website redesign services company in India is specialized in providing personalized website redesign services that ensure your current website's usability, reputation, and visual design are improved. If you are having small business then also, we can redesign your website and make sure that you’ll get huge traffic in your website. We will help you in achieving your various business goals by offering a better interface, improved content, and a more professional appearance.

What are the benefits of website redesigning?

There are many advantages to redesigning the website:

  • Opportunity to get things right:
  • A revamped website will give you a chance to recreate yourself and allow you to focus on what will help you succeed.

  • Improve conversion rate:
  • Decreased conversion rate, old and outdated process or improper navigation, no matter the reason, a new website design can solve all the issues.

  • Boost brand image:
  • If the face of your brand and your website does not match potential, customers will get confused. A website redesign can solve this.

  • Increase customer trust:
  • Consumers see high quality designs as more trustworthy. As a result, they are more likely to fill out your contact form.Move up in the search rankings:

    When all the common SEO mistakes are avoided when redesigning your website, you can move up in the search rankings.

  • More control over content:
  • During the website redesign, if you switch to a content management system like WordPress, you can easily update your content.

  • Chance to show your professional side:
  • Web redesigning will help you adhere to your business goals and draw eyes away from your competitors.

  • Adopt to modern technology:
  • Refreshing the look of your website will boost its code standards, usability, and technological relevance.

  • Moral boost:
  • A redesigning website will not only improve the way your potential audience sees you but also improve the way your employees see your company.

Our website redesigning process includes:

  • Website audit
  • SEO/Inbound marketing audit
  • Persona research
  • Website redesign strategy
  • Development checklist
  • Website launch checklist
  • Redesign process kick-off
  • Development kick-off
  • QA of all checklists
  • Launch new redesigned website

We Include the Following Website Redesign Services that Are Result-Oriented:

  • Redesigning HTML website: HTML5 web design has risen in popularity, along with JavaScript and CSS3. Our HTML5 website redesign services can provide you with the most cutting-edge responsive design for your website.
  • Redesigning CMS website: We can redesign your WordPress website, regardless of its size, to make it more growth-driven and conversion-focused, pleasing your visitors and assisting you in driving marketing performance.
  • Redesigning an Ecommerce Website: We can redesign your eCommerce website with the help of our developers to make it easier for potential and current customers to interact with your business.
  • Redesigning a PHP and Laravel web application: Our developers and designers are experts at repurposing custom PHP and larval web applications to represent your company's picture.
  • Redesign of UX, Micro Interaction, and Animation: Our team of designers and developers can build and update UX, micro interactions, and website animations that are both inspirationally simple and constructive.
  • By redesigning your website, you can improve your SEO and marketing efforts: We will update your website to help you boost your digital marketing efforts while still protecting your existing search engine authority.

Our website redesign outsourcing is ideal for agencies in need of additional funding to help them with their workload.Our company fillip technologies can help you look better in front of your clients by working behind the scenes. You're the one that gets all the credit. Our website redesign agency will ensure that all aspects of thewebsite design, production, and maintenance are completed successfully.We will never touch your customers directly as a general rule. However, if such a situation arises, we will be by your side.All of our Business-to-business services are designed to relieve every agency's website redesign burden. We are pleased to take care of your customers when working under your name.