Training @ Fillip Technologies

We Fillip Technologies are offering a training program for students pursuing and passed in a wide variety of modules to choose the specialization of your choice and built their dream career. Nowadays only college curriculum is not enough to get a job, a wide spread knowledge and experience is a big advantage. We fillip Technologies have carved the modules in such a way to train the students to be employment ready. We are experienced in training students of top premium colleges of India.

We are offering training in the following modules:

  • Website designing
  • Digital Marketing
  • Software Development
  • Graphic Designing & Photography
  • Human Resource & Administration
  • Startup (GST filling/company registration)
  • Mobile App Development


Sl.No. Modules Min. Educational Qualification Desirable
1. Website Designing Diploma/Degree in specialization relevant to CS/IT Knowledge of HTML, CSS, BOOTSTRAP, JavaScript
2. Digital Marketing Diploma/Degree in any specialization Knowledge of Digital Marketing
3. Software Development Diploma/Degree in specialization relevant to CS/IT/ECE Basic Knowledge of PHP, Laravel
4. Graphic Designing Diploma/Degree in any specialization Basic Knowledge of Photoshop, illustrator, Adobe XD
5. Human Resource & Administration Diploma/Degree in any management specialization Basic theoretical knowledge of HR
6. Startup Diploma/Degree in commerce/CS/CA Basic knowledge of accounts and finance
7. Mobile App. Development Diploma/Degree in specializationrelevant to CS/IT/ECE Basic knowledge Java, Android Studio

Who should join us?

  • Candidates who are looking for any opportunity to gain experience on live projects.
  • Get a specialized knowledge in the relevant field.
  • Work in full office environment

Benefits of Website designing/digital Marketing/Graphic designing/software development/ Mobile App Development/ Human resource & Administration training:

  • Get employed in any organization after gaining experience and working knowledge.
  • Start your own company.
  • Gain knowledge about starting your own company and other government formalities.
  • Work as a freelancer and earn additional income.
  • Learn to work in office environment and beat targets.
  • Enhance personality.
  • Learn to work in team and achieve targets.

Duration and Fees:

Sl.No. Duration Fees
1. 3 Months INR 8000
2. 6 months INR 15000
3. 6 Weeks * INR 5000
Note: 6 weeks training is only available for Human Resource & Administration. It will be according to the norms of AICTE guidelines.

Payment of Fees:

Full Payment of fees need to be done minimum 5 days prior to start of your training for 6 week/3 months training.

Students who opted for 6 months training can choose payment on installment basis.

Terms & Condition of Training:

  • Being an Trainee, every trainee will have to follow the below mentioned conduct and disciplines rules and no one is allowed abusing the duty, If management finds any trainee against the system, management shall render an trainee liable for disciplinary action.
  • Trainee must be at the place of work by the fixed and notified time. Dates will e provided for training according to the company (Fillip technologies Private Limited). Convenience change of date and time will not be entertained.
  • Every trainee will mark their login and logout time in the sheet provided whenever they will go out of office during working hours.
  • Every trainee will have to wear formal and neat dress while on training.
  • Every trainee will have to wear mask and carry hand sanitizer with them and take all precautionary measures of COVID-19.
  • Fillip Technologies Management will not take any kind of responsibility of any mishap/conflict from the trainee side.
  • Trainee is liable to make all payment in advance of the amount of training to Fillip Technologies Private Limited and thereafter commencement of Training will take place.
  • After successful training, they will be provided with a Certificate By Fillip Technologies Private Limited
  • Trainees are not allowed to receive any calls during the training session. Hence they are advised to keep their phone on silent mode while training session.
  • Fillip Technologies Private Limited is not responsible for any loss in training due to low concentration, phone calls, etc.
  • No trainees shall except with prior permission use Fillip Technologies’s asset such as computer, printer, Phone, etc. In case, in emergencies he/she need to inform and get permission to do the same.
  • Any kind of negligence of work/class by any trainee will not be tolerated by Fillip Technologies management and shall liable for disciplinary action.
  • Fillip Technologies expects each trainee to maintain proper decorum, Trainee are expected to conduct themselves on the job in a manner that contributes to operating effectiveness, productivity, safety and harmonious work environment.
  • Irregularity of trainees will not be tolerated and they will be marked absent and also not liable for any certificate.
  • Any misbehavior by trainee may lead to their termination form Fillip Technologies and their certificate and fees will not be refunded.